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Delivering Integrated property services for leading property portfolio managers throughout the Northwest for over 30 years.

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Best value is our consistent aim.  We are large enough to be able to achieve significant procurement scale economies which we can pass on, but also small enough to avoid carrying heavy corporate overheads.  As a result, we are able to offer highly competitive pricing representing overall best value.   

We are committed to delivering Best Value and Quality.  We are committed to Environmental protection and to the Health and Safety of all of those involved in our projects.  Under pinning these commitments is our ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality management system and our commitment to training and development of our local staff as recognised in our Investors in People accreditation.


At McCosker, quality is core to everything we do and reflecting this since 1994 we have held ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.  The skills of our personnel are central to the quality we deliver and we are committed to investment in training and development as recognised in our Investors in People (IIP) accreditation.   We are Gas Safe, CHAS, Safe Contractor and ConstructionLine accredited.  Moreover we are also full versed in CDM2015 and are accredited to operate as a Principal Contractor to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety across all projects & contractors.


We pride ourselves on our health and safety record.  We have developed a strong health and safety culture throughout our staff and we are CHAS and Safe Contractors accredited.  We are fully aware of the implications and requirements of CDM 2015 and comply with all aspects, including being able to fulfil the role of principal contractor.  Under pinning our H&S commitment, all of our staff are fully accredited within their own trade, and are fully trained on the health and safety risks on different building types.  Regular independent health and safety audits are undertaken.  


We are keenly aware of our responsibilities towards the environment.  We have developed policies to reduce the environmental impact of our projects and we are working towards ISO 14001:2015 accreditation.  At all times our objective is to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations, reducing waste, increasing recycling and, with our suppliers, seeking sustainable material sourcing.