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Delivering Integrated property services for leading property portfolio managers throughout the Northwest for over 30 years.

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By the very nature of the services we deliver and in particular in the housing sectors, we directly serve the local community and have a strong local presence as a service provider and also as an employer.  

We actively support recruitment, training and development within the local community including close ties with the local schools and colleges, providing opportunities for work experience and apprenticeships for selected school leavers.  

We support charity fund raising initiatives for a number of local deserving causes and encourage our staff to further participate in such initiatives.  We also undertake some pro-bono projects for deserving local causes frequently linked to charity fund raising initiatives.  Most recently this included refurbishment of Burnage Youth Club for the N-Gage youth organisation with all labour and materials provided on a free of charge basis.  Separately we raised over £1000 for the Macmillan Trust during 2015.

We further support the community with sponsorship for St. Oisin's Gaelic Football Club as well as a small group of high potential, up and coming sports competitors.  

For over 30 years since our formation in 1983, McCosker has always sought to take an active and supportive role in our local community.